SSI brings a technical proficiency for creating performance-enhancing products from hydrocarbon stocks, meeting the needs for industries ranging from transportation to health care.

Why choose us?

We offer material solutions to suppliers and buyers as a value-added asset development and management services company.  We’ve developed dependable logistical support and built a global infrastructure to service our clients and customers professionally and with integrity.

The majority of our business is conducted with clients we’ve served for more than a decade.  An integral part of our philosophy is that we will see our customers and suppliers not only this week, but also next month and for many years to come—and we conduct our business accordingly.

Technical Expert Consultancy

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World-Class Products

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Solving problems is our business. With discretion and trust, we built enduring customer relationships on one simple principle: "We deliver what we promise".

– Mr. Arthur A. Steier

Our Products

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Our clients

We work with big and small.

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